Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sexism in Yale Linguistic and Poly Sci Departments

Can't y'all in the Yale linguistics department do something to quell that twit Jesse Sheidlower, Oxford Dictionary North American editor? He gives linguistics a bad name.

See Jesse's didoes at

Lee Drury De Cesare

PS: I sat beside a young fellow who lectures at Yale in political science at the Met for the Kirov
Ring. He and his mother attended their first Ring. His mother told me he was brilliant and taught at Yale. That's what we mothers do: flag down people in the street to tell them how gifted our children are.

That young Ring novice will give me a character reference for not hallucinating even when Mime was hopping around the stage. I can't recall his name, but he looks like Robert de Saint Loup from
A La Rechereche....

Why does only one woman get mention in distinguished linguistic scholars on your Web page? That primitive sexism is coincident with the sainted late Jesperson's dumping on "women's speech."

And while on the subject of sexism, why are only 9 women among the faculty of 51 in political science? Even given the episcene nature of such names as "Stathis," women rank a mere 18 percent of the political-science faculty. In the staff section we find all women, of course, doing the drudge work, but a guy seems to head up even this female ghetto.

Such old-template misogyny does not suggest the liveliness of intellect necessary to make inroads in political-science or linguistic scholarship.

lee drury de cesare


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