Monday, February 07, 2005

Possessive Before Gerund: NYTimes Editorial

Avoiding the Real Challenge

Published: February 8, 2005

And given Mr. Bush's preoccupation with Social Security, it's hard to imagine him wasting much effort on a leaner Pentagon budget or saner agricultural subsidies.

"Him" should be "his": possessive before the gerund


Blogger macjoe666 said...

Well, I don't fully agree. What is hard to imagine: the "wasting of effort" which is an activity that belongs to an individual (his wasting...); or rather, the image of such person WHILE performing an action, namely "wasting much effort" (him -while- wasting...)?
In other words, it is for the speaker or writer to decide whether the object of "hard to imagine" is an activity (wasting) or a person doing something (him).

12:15 AM  

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